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Fast & Dependable Sewer Repair in Shoreline, WA

work in progress: a sewer repair in Shoreline, WashingtonWe know you don't want to think about having to repair your sewer line. However, the longer you wait to address the problem, the worse it will get. Below are some tell-tale signs that you might need to repair or replace your sewer line.

  • Noises coming from the toilet or drain
  • A tub, shower, or toilet that drains slowly or not at all
  • A foul odor in the hard that was not previously there
  • Lawns that are unusually damp or flooded

Do any of the above sound familiar to you? Then you need a sewer line repairman FAST. Sewer lines break down over time with normal daily use. But they also become stressed and more inclined to fracture when exposed to freezing temperatures, tree roots, and blockages caused by foreign objects being flushed down your home's drains.

Why Do Sewer Lines Break Down?

Shifting soil, either from earthquakes or the natural act of your house settling, can lead to “bellied” pipes – pipes that sag in one spot causing food and other non- biodegradable materials to build up. Leaks and fractures in your pipes allow filthy sewer water to flow into your hard and beneath your home, causing a terrible health hazard to your family and pets. Act fast to prevent a terrible situation from getting worse.

We Specialize in Trenched Sewer Replacement

trench dug out for a Shoreline sewer replacement jobOur professional sewer technicians can repair your sewer line in next to no time. We'll diagnose your sewer line's weakest points via a camera inspection and replace all or part of your pipes according to the highest industry standards. We choose to perform traditional trenched sewer repair because we know it is reliable, versatile, and cost effective. Trenchless sewer line repair cannot repair bellied pipes, and will actually make the problem worse.

Additionally, some pipes are simply too far gone for the pipe lining or pipe bursting methods to work. Trenchless repair also has a higher risk of damaging gas and electrical lines, which if broken put your home and family in great danger.

Our plumbers instead choose the no- risk, high rewards method of traditional sewer line repair, which is more affordable for you. We'll also perform preventative maintenance on your new sewer line in order to ensure its longevity for decades to come. We promise that you will feel next to no interruptions in your daily routine as we repair your sewer line.

Get a No-Hassle Bid From Our Shoreline Sewer Repair Team Today

Getting a bid on your sewer replacement job is easy. Just give us a call, tell us when you're available, and we'll get a plumber on site when it works for you. We strive to give accurate up-front estimates so you'll know just want to expect.